This past weekend (September 15-18, 2016), we had a booth at Tent C of the Newport Boat show.  We spoke with many people about our latest charts, with artist and former schooner captain Rich Perkins describing the elaborate process of painting an accurate nautical chart on watercolor paper.  We had over 40 inquiries.  Not unexpectedly, several people wanted a chart of an area which we do not yet have. We had several requests for Cuttyhunk Island; two requests for Block Island and Bermuda, and other requests for Charleston (SC), Westport, MA, Falmouth, Norwalk, and Marion.  Any of these areas can be done for a charge of $400 on top of the prices shown in the website.

We partnered with the Concord Lamp and Shade shop, of Concord, MA. They create custom lampshades of all shapes and styles from any chart. They charts are actual NOAA charts. Additionally, they create and repair lamps and lampshades of all styles, not just nautical charts. Concord Lamp and Shade.

Here are a couple of photos from the show.