Four new charts available

Four new charts available

Pitch Black Editions of Concord, MA has been printing the latest round of charts, which include:

  • Bermuda
  • Virgin Islands
  • Block Island
  • Peconic Bay
Queen Elizabeth 2 grounding near Cuttyhunk

Queen Elizabeth 2 grounding near Cuttyhunk

Looking out my window on Mishaum Point, South Dartmouth, MA on August 7, 1992 towards Cuttyhunk Island, I saw several large vertical, pylon looking things.  Very strange indeed.   Some friends and I got in a powerboat to take a look and as we got closer, the verticals just got larger and larger until we realized the verticals were the stacks of a large liner. As it turns out, it was the Queen Elizabeth 2, which has touched bottom a couple of times going twenty five knots transiting from Oak Bluffs to New York. This nautical watercolor chart shows the exact spot where it first touched bottom. Details of the investigation are here.

Original Watercolor artwork chosen for the Concord Art Show

Original Watercolor artwork chosen for the Concord Art Show

The original artwork for the Cape Cod Watercolor chart was recently chosen for the Concord Art (Concord, MA) show. This show is open until February 13.  Quite a few customers enjoy the original watercolor art as much as they do the custom nautical watercolor chart.

Incredible December Supermoon tides in South Dartmouth, MA

mishaum-point-supermoon-tidesThis past November, I went down to my family’s summer house on Mishaum Point, South Dartmouth, MA. As a lifelong sailor, it was important for me to see the supermoon.

Unexpectedly, it was not the moon itself which was the most amazing thing I say. While the moon apparently was bigger (by about 7 percent) and noticeably brighter, the remarkable thing was the extreme tidal range. The sandbar at the mouth of the Slocum’s River was showing more sand than I had ever seen before, by a big margin. Then I walked out to the end of the Point. There, I could see the top of Mishaum Rock, something I had never seen out of the water in my fifty plus years.  Then I took a look at Salter’s Point Rock, and saw waves breaking there, again something I had never seen before.

It felt as if someone had pulled the plug out of the bottom of the bathtub.

Nautical Watercolor Charts offered at the Newport Boat show


This past weekend (September 15-18, 2016), we had a booth at Tent C of the Newport Boat show.  We spoke with many people about our latest charts, with artist and former schooner captain Rich Perkins describing the elaborate process of painting an accurate nautical chart on watercolor paper.  We had over 40 inquiries.  Not unexpectedly, several people wanted a chart of an area which we do not yet have. We had several requests for Cuttyhunk Island; two requests for Block Island and Bermuda, and other requests for Charleston (SC), Westport, MA, Falmouth, Norwalk, and Marion.  Any of these areas can be done for a charge of $400 on top of the prices shown in the website.

We partnered with the Concord Lamp and Shade shop, of Concord, MA. They create custom lampshades of all shapes and styles from any chart. They charts are actual NOAA charts. Additionally, they create and repair lamps and lampshades of all styles, not just nautical charts. Concord Lamp and Shade.

Here are a couple of photos from the show.


About the Artist

Richard Perkins is a watercolorist and graphic designer living in Concord, Massachusetts who grew up sailing on Buzzard’s Bay in Massachusetts.   Early in his career, he spent 12 years working on traditionally-rigged sailing vessels in various capacities. In the early 1980’s, Rich was First Mate aboard the 144′ Barketine Regina Maris. Later Rich was Captain of 120′ schooner Harvey Gamage, as well as First Mate on the Schooner Ernestina.

Additionally, Rich produced a documentary film on Concordia Yawls,  an exceptional class of wooden cruising/racing sailboats, designed in Padanaram, MA in the 1930s by Ray Hunt and Waldo Howland. This film received favorable reviews by Wooden Boat Magazine. See a clip of the film here.

Rich is a graduate of Hampshire College and Massachusetts College of Art.