How to place an order

Decide on your chart style. We offer two styles – a nautical chart theme, and a raw watercolor theme.
Nautical Chart Style
The Nautical Chart style shows placenames. latitude and longitude, and sometimes rocks, similar to that of an actual nautical chart.
Raw Watercolor Style (No Customization Available)
The Watercolor style is a print of the base watercolor layer, without the placenames, etc. Some people prefer this style because it feels more like abstract art.
If you choose the ‘With Customization’, you can add your own boat, home, or favorite fish to the chart.
An example of a Customized Nautical Chart, with your boat rendered in the chart. Additionally, we can add the name of the boat, and any other personalized text you. We will send you a PDF proof to confirm location of your boat on the chart, as well as additional text.
If you don’t want any customization, choose either “Watercolor Print Only” or “Nautical Chart Style”.

Then choose the size of the artwork (small – approx. 20″ by 14″;  medium – approx. 26″ by 18″; large – approx. 36″ by 25″)

3a. Click “Add to Cart”
If you would like customization, choose  “With Customization”.
4a. Upload a photo of your boat, house, or favorite fish in the appropriate area of the Chart page you would like.
4d. Click “Add to Cart”.
4b. Type in any text you would like on your chart.
Please note there are no returns on Customized Charts.
4c. Choose the size you would like (small, medium, or large)
Go to the Cart page. Make your online payment through Paypal.
You will receive a confirmation email from “My Custom Chart” that your purchase went through.
If you ordered customization, see Step 6.
If you chose a Customized Chart, within 2-3 days you will receive a PDF proof of your artwork.
6a. For a customized Chart, this PDF will show you what your Chart will look like.
6d. After receiving your approval of the Chart Customization (via PDF), we will send you an email notification when your artwork has shipped, along with a carrier tracking number.
6b. We will email or call you, and ask if you want any changes. You can have two rounds of changes.
6c. After making changes to your Customized Chart, we will email you another PDF proof.