mishaum-point-supermoon-tidesThis past November, I went down to my family’s summer house on Mishaum Point, South Dartmouth, MA. As a lifelong sailor, it was important for me to see the supermoon.

Unexpectedly, it was not the moon itself which was the most amazing thing I say. While the moon apparently was bigger (by about 7 percent) and noticeably brighter, the remarkable thing was the extreme tidal range. The sandbar at the mouth of the Slocum’s River was showing more sand than I had ever seen before, by a big margin. Then I walked out to the end of the Point. There, I could see the top of Mishaum Rock, something I had never seen out of the water in my fifty plus years. ¬†Then I took a look at Salter’s Point Rock, and saw waves breaking there, again something I had never seen before.

It felt as if someone had pulled the plug out of the bottom of the bathtub.